June 06, 2022

EveryLog, the notification app for your projects!

As a software development company we know how busy it can get when you’re working on our projects or customers’ ones. That’s how we came up with the idea of ​​an easy-to-integrate notification service, designed for both developers and end customers: EveryLog.

EveryLog is a SaaS that is simple to integrate into any application and that allows you to receive instant notifications on your phone. Using push notifications can help your team and your company take a step towards your goals. Depending on the defined goal, you can use the notifications in a very precise way.

If you are a developer you can set up notifications that inform you of important actions without forcing you to take time away from your work to check and write them manually. These actions could be related to deployment phases, errors, internal notifications and resource monitoring.

If you are an ecommerce manager you have the possibility to know in real time whether your customers have performed specific actions or whether potential customers have contacted you. By setting up notifications you can find out if customers have taken specific actions while sparing a lot of time. Actions you want to track could be purchases, newsletter subscriptions, new account creation, completed orders, info requests, reviews release, social media comments and email requests.

Setting up EveryLog is very easy. Each registered user receives an API key that allows you to make POST on the API and use the features of our service. On the programming side it is sufficient to insert a POST call in the code at each point where you want a notification to be generated. Our API can be invoked with any programming language.

Free your inbox of all notifications and centralize everything in one place: EveryLog.

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