November 28, 2023

Publishing distribution, EveryLog's contribution to PDE

When it comes to keeping pace with the times, PDE, one of the main Italian companies in the publishing-distribution sector, has adopted an amazing strategy. With the introduction of EveryLog, a cutting-edge tech platform, the company is redefining its book distribution management. Let’s discover how this move is contributing to significant changes in the publishing sector.

EveryLog for the publishing industry

PDE has revolutionised its pre-sales management of outgoing books for each semester thanks to the implementation of the innovative EveryLog platform. Before, sales assignment was a complex process that used to be implemented through emails. This has often caused problems related to non-read emails, proxy blockages, or anti-spam filters. Now, with EveryLog, everything has changed. Agents are instantly notified as soon as sales objectives and new releases are defined. This completely eliminates challenges posed by emails, ensuring direct and thorough communication while greatly improving the distribution’s process efficiency.

With EveryLog’s introduction, PDE has not only made sales management more efficient but also event promotions related to book presentations. Now, internal personnel receive automatic notifications as soon as these events are planned, allowing more precise and prompt logistics management. This means that the team can organise ahead the number of copies that need to be provided as well as the logistics aspect, ensuring the success of every presentation in libraries.

Finally, EveryLog has also become a monitoring system for the import of new books on PDE’s website. Every week, through a file from Feltrinelli, the new book list is updated. Thanks to this integration, a control notification system has been employed that confers the import’s success. This mechanism guarantees that the process has been correctly executed, providing immediate feedback for the team. Eventual challenges can therefore be faced early on, ensuring that PDE’s catalogue is always updated and precise.


EveryLog has proved to be an outstanding ally for PDE, improving agent management, optimising logistics, and ensuring a constantly updated catalogue. Integrating this tech solution has been fundamental, providing immediate notifications to agents, simplifying the logistics of events related to new releases, and ensuring the import accuracy of new books on the website. In short, EveryLog has exceeded all expectations, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in publishing. Thanks to these innovations, PDE is redefining industry standards, proving that technology can make a difference in a competitive market such as the publishing-distribution sector.

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