February 28, 2023

EveryLog use cases

In which areas can the use of EveryLog make work significantly easier? Industrial, iOT, R&D, SaaS, marketing, development and more.

The IoT sector is growing rapidly with an ever-increasing spread of smart devices. In these cases, with EveryLog it is possible to trigger a series of specific events that will send a notification to those in charge so that they can intervene promptly. If, for example, the temperature in a lab exceeds a degree limit, the lab manager can be notified and take immediate action.

Production processes are long and time-consuming: EveryLog can provide valuable support here, too. Suppose an assembly line has to run at a certain speed and yet is running in a slow manner. EveryLog can be set to send a notification to monitor the slowdown in production. Of course, notifications can be set for any failure.

In the R&D sector, complex calculation tasks are the order of the day. EveryLog can also be used successfully in this sector, e.g. by setting notifications for events such as failures of certain actions, successes and so on.

SaaS product owners need to receive real-time feeds on numerous events: from enrolments, to paid users, to requests for information or support. EveryLog notifications can be set up for any type of event: enrolments, leads, payments, plan updates, error reports etc.

Marketing departments within companies or agencies often have to monitor a large number of events: from customer enquiries to monitoring active campaigns. With EveryLog, all their work can be made more efficient. Suppose the marketing team has launched an online leads campaign. Instead of having to monitor the incoming leads manually by connecting to various platforms, team members can monitor the actual arrival of leads in real time from EveryLog.

Development teams work on different projects on a daily basis and need to keep track of programmes and/or products in the development or launch phase. EveryLog helps developers by setting up all the necessary events to improve work efficiency: bugs, errors, malfunctions, reports will be easily monitored directly from the app.

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