EveryLog Enterprise Edition

Empower your enterprise with EveryLog's cutting-edge data management solutions. Elevate your data game and scale with confidence.

Notification system: discover the power of EveryLog

With the enterprise plan you will have all the features of the other plans plus many possibilities to customize and enhance your company's notification system.

Dedicated installation

Tailored web instance, complete with a custom domain, exclusive server, and a powerhouse database.

White label

Showcase your brand in style by featuring it proudly with your logo and name on mobile app stores.

Unlimited users

Embrace limitless possibilities with an open door for your users and no data retention.

Unlimited data

Unlock the boundless potential of our enterprise-grade, unlimited data storage solution, tailored to meet your organisation's every need.

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Elevate your enterprise

Discover the advantages of EveryLog's enterprise solutions.

Data isolation

Data isolation through a dedicated, enterprise-only server.

Limitless scalability

Easily adapt EveryLog solutions to the size of your company.


Get dedicated customer support to quickly address any problems.


Customize your experience with tailored web and mobile app features.

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Stay up-to-date on important information about your company

Control your internal and external notification system with EveryLog. See all your organization's important events in one app, in real time, wherever you are.

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People provide technical support

Technical support and integrations with corporate and third-party tools

Initial configuration support: product training, user creation and project setup. Upon request, integration of EveryLog with existing software.

Here are all your notifications in one app!

Everylog notification app

We will contact you to have a demo and explain all the features of EveryLog