Frequently Asked Questions

EveryLog is a service for the automated management of notifications relating to your projects.

When you sign up, you can enjoy a trial period with full app functionality. After the trial period, if you want to continue using the app, you can choose between three plans: free, basic and advanced.

With the free plan you can only manage one project but you will not have tags and push notifications. The basic plan includes n projects and n tags. The advanced plan includes n projects, n tags and push notifications. Depending on the plan, the duration of data retention also changes. With the free plan it will be 3 days, with the basic plan 7 days and with the advanced plan 21 days.

No, there are no set up nor activation costs. You’ll simply pay for the plan you choose and that’s it.

There is only one method of payment: credit card.

To activate your membership, simply click on 'sign up' and follow the instructions provided to activate your account. At the end of the trial period you can decide whether to discontinue the service or continue with one of the available plans. If you already have a plan and do not wish to continue, simply stop paying the renewal fee and the plan will be automatically terminated.

Once you have paid for the plan of interest, the API will be active and you can set up the notifications you wish to receive according to your needs.

Non-binding means that you can cancel your subscription at any time, without having to pay any additional cost. Please note, however, that plans are non-refundable. If, for example, you have already purchased a subscription from 1 September and decide to cancel on 23 September, your subscription will still be active until 30 September. As of 1 October, you will no longer need to update your plan.

Moving from one plan to another is very easy. At the end of the month in which you used the old plan, just pay for the new plan you want to switch to and it will be activated automatically.

You can independently change the programming language you are using without the need for intermediaries or external help.

At the moment we don’t offer personalized plans, however, if you have specific needs don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you have any questions that are not included in the FAQ you can write to us directly at

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