Explore the Potentials of EveryLog

Discover all the powerful features EveryLog has to offer for complete monitoring and control of business activities.

Multisource event tracking

Seamlessly monitor events from diverse sources and channels in one unified platform. Gain clarity and control.

Centralized notification hub

Consolidate all notifications into a single, user-friendly interface. Stay organized and informed with EveryLog.

Structured Notifications

Each notification has a summary, text, tags and properties for efficient filtering. You can also include external links.

Bookmarks and Rescheduling

Save important notifications (with the star icon) or reschedule them to receive them again after a certain period.

Real-Time Notifications

Send unscheduled real-time notifications to users, user groups or users with specific roles.

Customised Corporate Use

Manage alerts, reminders, and messages with our scheduling feature, so you never miss a crucial update or deadline.

Use EveryLog metrics to improve your business

Create the metrics you prefer and monitor the results.


With just a few clicks, set the metric you want to monitor


Insert metric tracking into EveryLog


Add different metrics to study trends


See where to improve thanks to EveryLog metrics

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