How to keep track of automated tests that did not pass expectations to improve code quality?


Automated tests are crucial for ensuring seamless software operation, yet to uphold superior quality standards, diligent monitoring of test outcomes is vital. EveryLog allows you to monitor failed automated tests efficiently, swiftly pinpointing areas for code improvement and guaranteeing dependable, high-quality software.

How it works

EveryLog meticulously logs comprehensive details of automated test outcomes, highlighting tests that didn't meet standards and capturing failure-related information. Leveraging this data allows for the analysis of failure causes and targeted corrections to enhance the quality of the code.

  • Create account: visit the official EveryLog website and register to create an account. You will need a valid email address and a secure password.
  • Create project: after logging in, create a new project in your EveryLog account. Assign a meaningful name to the project for easy identification.
  • (Optional: create user groups): If necessary, create user groups within your project. This step is optional and depends on your specific needs. You can organise users into groups based on roles or authorisations.
  • Connect your application with EveryLog using the programming language of your choice: now, you need to connect your application with EveryLog. You can do this using your preferred programming language. Follow the EveryLog documentation for detailed instructions on how to do this in your preferred programming language.
  • Download the app and view notifications and metrics: users interested in notifications and metrics can download the EveryLog app to their device. After installation, they can access the project and view all the notifications and metrics you have implemented.

Advantages of using EveryLog

Reduction of bugs: quickly identify and solve problems in the code, thus reducing the number of bugs in the software. Continuous improvement: uses test data to make constant improvements to the code, ensuring consistently high software quality. Saving time and resources: optimises the troubleshooting process, reducing the time and resources required to maintain error-free software.ottimizza il processo di risoluzione dei problemi, riducendo il tempo e le risorse necessarie per mantenere il software senza errori.

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