How do we inform all users of our SaaS service about new updates and improvements?


Keeping your SaaS users informed on the latest updates and improvements is essential to maintaining their trust and satisfaction. With EveryLog, you can efficiently communicate with your users about new developments, additional functionalities, and performance improvements. Engage your user base and make sure they are always up to date with your products latest innovations.

How it works

EveryLog carefully registers the use of your SaaS service by users, including their usage patterns and preferences. Using this data, you can send targeted communications, like email notifications or in-app messages, to inform users about new updates and improvements to your service.

  • Create account: visit the official EveryLog website and register to create an account. You will need a valid email address and a secure password.
  • Create project: after logging in, create a new project in your EveryLog account. Assign a meaningful name to the project for easy identification.
  • (Optional: create user groups): If necessary, create user groups within your project. This step is optional and depends on your specific needs. You can organise users into groups based on roles or authorisations.
  • Connect your application with EveryLog using the programming language of your choice: now, you need to connect your application with EveryLog. You can do this using your preferred programming language. Follow the EveryLog documentation for detailed instructions on how to do this in your preferred programming language.
  • Download the app and view notifications and metrics: users interested in notifications and metrics can download the EveryLog app to their device. After installation, they can access the project and view all the notifications and metrics you have implemented.

Advantages of using EveryLog

User engagement: actively engage users, showing that you listen to their needs and keep improving your service based on their feedback. Trust and satisfaction: keep your users’ trust by communicating transparently and providing thorough updates so as to increase their overall satisfaction. Optimised use: by informing users about updates, you encourage them to use new functionalities, maximising the value they get from your SaaS service.

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